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bigmick, Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:26 am

Hi All,

I will kick this thread off with one of my boards, MuP-TTL.

MuP-TTL is a USB to Serial to TTL converter based on a little known but readily available FTDI chip, that typically retails for around $3. The beauty of this is its size at 16mm x 19mm (5/8" x 3/4"), also as we all know there was some controversy, because of the Asian market copying the FT232RL chip, FTDI decided to, initially, disable the fake chip, then after many user complaints just stop the chip working with the FTDI drivers.

MuP-TTL overcomes these problems due to the fact it uses a different, genuine FTDI chip, which has not been the target of the Asian counterfeiters, and has the benefit of being much cheaper.

Here is the Project file as well as the manual for MuP-TTL.

More designs to share later.

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Forum not accepting PDF so I ZIPped it
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I hope its of use to somebody,

I have stock of these, starting at $1 and less for QTY, if anyone is interested at all.

Kind Regards,

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Iliya, Sun Apr 25, 2021 8:20 pm

Upload PDF fixed. See attached.
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I am the developer of AutoTRAX DEX.