AutoTRAX DEX PCB Designer User’s Forum

The AutoTRAX DEX PCB Designer, first launched in 2000, has since developed a robust user community, at times surpassing thousands of members. Over the years, as AutoTRAX has evolved into a more sophisticated and stable platform with fewer glitches, the forum’s membership has seen a decline.

Comprising over a million lines of code, AutoTRAX, like any complex software, is not immune to imperfections. The silver lining, however, is the community’s promptness in identifying and reporting any lingering bugs. These reports lead to swift resolutions, continually enhancing AutoTRAX’s performance and reliability.

It is now time for the user forum to move on, and give way to superior ways of reporting problems and suggesting improvements.

This forum is now closed as there is very little demand for it, and its functions are better served using the alternatives discussed below.

Due to pressure from some users, I have decided to give it another go. I have set up a Google group that should eliminate spam.

User groups allow users to do the following:

  • Ask questions about how to accomplish things in AutoTRAX, and for other users or the developers of AutoTRAX to reply. This can be done by sending an email directly to the developers of AutoTRAX as the developers are best equipped to answer these questions.
  • Report problems experienced when using AutoTRAX. The Problem Reporter inside AutoTRAX allows users to quickly send in reports to the developers of AutoTRAX
  • Ask general miscellaneous questions. This can be done by sending an email directly to the developers of AutoTRAX.
  • Propose new or modified features. This can be easily done using the Wishlist.
  • Discuss electronic designs in general, and share their designs, and images. This is probably best done using general electronic design forums of which there are plenty on the Internet.
  • Post spam and deride other users. This can be eliminated through moderation and sadly often found on user forums.
  • Whinge and whine. This helps nobody.

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