Full screen Popups work only once

Hi Iliya, when you open DEX and have the Panels > Popups and Properties selected
Then > select the PCB view port > go to to full screen (F11) > select any item > the Properties popups show properly
If you exit full screen and then go back to full screen again > no more popups > you can just see a flash when the box vanishes
The same problem can be replicated at the Schematic view port
I realize that the popups in normal and full screen are 2 different animals, one of them is modal
The temporal solution is to close and reopen DEX but it is not the expected behavior
Thanks for your time, Henry


  • Try this:

    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • Hi Iliya, YES I have the Popup option selected but the second time the full screen is invoked no more popups show up.
    Once in full screen, the first time that works, I tried to minimize the popup box and it never came back again until I went to Settings and edited the FloatingPropertiesDialog.xml file, line WindowState>Normal restored to Normal because i found it in Minimize state
    In the Windows Task Manager Autotrax has a child application 'Properties' that closes when you exit full screen and does not come back when you go to full screen the second time
    When you close DEX in the Task Manager you can see a second AutoTRAX instance that does not close by itself (?)
    Two days ago I followed a clean uninstall of DEX and reinstalled the latest version but no positive results related to the missing popups in continued ins and outs from full screen
    Sorry for a letter too long, Henry
  • To be more specific: In full screen when the popup is visible at the Windows Task Manager there is a listed application "Properties" (as an AutoTRAX child). Next time that you enter to full screen the 'no more popups' should be related that the child application "Properties" is not re-launched
  • More details: the popup functionality can be restored, without closing and reopening DEX, if you close the PCB tab and then reopen back the PCB view port and go to full screen, then the popups are available until you exit full screen.
    It looks that refreshing the PCB view port re-initializes the 'Properties' child box.
    The same happens if you re-initializes the Schematic view port and its associated full screen popups are available for the next full screen.
  • Improved Full-Screen Behaviour with Popup Properties Editor.

    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • Did you know F11 toggles between full screen and normal screen?
    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • Thanks Iliya, no company can beat the way you respond to the customer feedback!
    Yes I know about F11, in fact my mouse have one button programmed for F11 and other for Home
    Already installed the version .41 and works nice!
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