What happening in my computer?

Hi All!
I found an interesting problem .Is it only my problem?
After DEX can not to save and I can not to EXIT. I have to restart my computer. I can not to send bug report because my computer is became dead.


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    Hi KJ,

    I have seen that before, although not recently (maybe 2 months ago) the solution is to do a CTRL-ALT DEL and close program in TASK MANAGER.

    Dex will then ask to save your project.

    Failing that, of course you always have the latest (minus one change) saved in the backup directory.

    It appears to be a 3D/Video rendering problem, I am not sure if it is DEX or the 3D drivers.
    Come to think of it , it was about 2 months ago when I updated my 3D drivers and Windows did its latest forced update.

    Kind Regards
    And a very happy New Year


  • Hi Bigmik!
    I use latest drivers my computers. 
    The crash  problem in the PCB, when I modify, or moving  tracks.  Hard to reproduce.
    Regards: József

  • I had the same issue a couple of weeks back, did exactly as was recommended with a forced close and thank god for the history files, as I had been working on it for hours, so yes the history is an amazing feature to keep your work safe.  I did notice mine was set to 100 and i noticed that with my projects it was slowing to a crawl. I deleted the history, set it to 10 changes and now everything stays sharp and crisp in performance.
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    Hi Paul!
    Where you found history settings ? I search but not found. Today  get crash screen. I would like to try history settings.
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