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After installing the latest DEX I generated the files needed to build a board:
1. Pick and Place list is missing the height of the part
2. Pick and Place is in MIL when the layout is mm
3. Can NOT add Height attribute to component properties of all components, have to edit and add Height attribute to each component then add the value

Anyone else try to build a board with the pick and place file?



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    I think this problem would be best dealt with by reporting via the Help tab, Help > Report Problem (Mantis)
    As i understand you use the project that has the problem and go to the Report Problem TAB at the end of the menu line.

    Doing this way your project is transferred as well and can be used for investigation. 

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    Hi Kangus,

    I was trying to take advantage of JLCPCB's free SMT component assembly and they made me jump through a zillion hoops.

    Firstly, They will only populate ONE side (I have components on both sides)
    Secondly, They ONLY do SMT parts I have a mixture of THP and SMT so I deleted all references to the THP parts (Tediously)
    Thirdly, the PnP WAS in Inches (prob oversight in DEX) they wanted me to convert to mm, which I did tediously.

    They accepted my files after I did the above and then came back and said (we dont Vee score and PCBA) which was the killer for me..

    Bottom line is they didnt ask for any height of parts so I doubt that is a requirement but without the Vee-groove my boards would double in price or more importantly I would get half the quantity in the batch, and as it turned out they were only going to populate about 30% of my board I decided it wasnt worth the hassle.

    Ohh I also had to provide part numbers for `non-generic' parts like connectors etc.

    One thing I wondered about was they wanted parts to be placed `centrally' now as i created many of my own parts and some are not symmetrical how do you determine the centre for placement. My parts locations that I create all over the place..... I gave up as too much hassle and so I solder them myself by hand.

    Kind Regards


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