Faster Graphics

Graphics 2 to 3 time faster

This makes zoom/pan routing moving/scales very much faster/responsive :)

The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 


  • Much faster, great job Iliya!
  • Even Faster Graphics 
    This is yet more improvements than previously announced.
    • Graphics are now even faster and also adaptive. Giving you high quality graphics combined with fast interactive creation/manipulation.
    • New status items on the far right of the status bar. These show the graphics Frames per Second (FPS) and memory used.

    Pale red means adaptive faster graphics.
    Pale blue mean high quality graphics.
    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • Gratulations!

    I have played with the new version on a Macbook 12" (1,3 GHz Dual-Core) and Parallels Desktop, 3D now feels a lot smoother than before. Actually 3D view now feels smoother than PCB view ...

    This is not my main computer, but it shows how impressive the speed gains are!

  • Very, very welcomed. Good work Iliya.
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