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I'm working a way to quickly create parts library files and have DEX import them and make the symbol, footprint and 3D model.

XML (Note: multiple parts can be added)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<AutoTRAX version="1">
<part name="LM3103MH/NOPB"
      manufacturer="Texas Instruments"
      partType="Buck Converter" prefix="U"
      description="Synchronously Rectified Buck Converter features all required functions of a Buck Converter" />
<package type="dip" rows="8" />
<terminal name="VIN_1" pad="1"/>
<terminal name="VIN_2" pad="2"/>
<terminal name="SW_1" pad="3"/>
<terminal name="SW_2" pad="4"/>
<terminal name="BST" pad="5"/>
<terminal name="AGND" pad="6"/>
<terminal name="SS" pad="7"/>
<terminal name="NC" pad="8"/>
<terminal name="GND_1" pad="9"/>
<terminal name="GND_2" pad="10"/>
<terminal name="FB" pad="11"/>
<terminal name="EN" pad="12"/>
<terminal name="RON" pad="13"/>
<terminal name="VCC" pad="14"/>
<terminal name="PGND_1" pad="15"/>
<terminal name="PGND_2" pad="16"/>

Auto-created symbol



The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 


  • Part for above.
    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • How will it work.
    You create the XML file.
    Save the file in the library directory.

    Simple :)
    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • Using this file format, it should be possible for some of you guys to write convertors for 3rd party files into DEX library xml files. 

    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • Sounds like a great plan!
  • Here's a Target 3001! part

    I set extension to .txt

    Convertor should be easy.

    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • I see endless posibilities!
  • Last count I had 28 different part types.

    All easy to create.

    e.g. LED

    name="Red LED"
    manufacturer="Kingbright "
    partType="Led" prefix="U"
    description="2.25 V Red LED 5mm Through Hole, Kingbright L-53HD."
    <package padPitch="0.1" padSize="0.05" color="red" roundPads="true" />
    <terminal name="+" pad="+"/>
    <terminal name="-" pad="-"/>

    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • do you already support smd resistors with rectangular symbols?

  • MiR said:
    do you already support smd resistors with rectangular symbols?
    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • I did a quick check on STM32 Config-DB from STM32CubeMX.

    I found the following Packages (and how often they are used):

    Count Package
     118 LQFP100
     117 LQFP64
      80 LQFP48
      75 LQFP144
      59 UFQFPN48
      42 UFBGA100
      37 UFQFPN32
      36 LQFP176
      35 LQFP32
      29 UFBGA176
      24 UFBGA64
      21 UFBGA169
      21 UFBGA132
      21 LQFP208
      20 WLCSP49
      16 UFQFPN28
      16 TFBGA64
      16 TFBGA216
      15 WLCSP64
      15 TFBGA100
      14 TSSOP20
      13 WLCSP81
      12 WLCSP36
      12 WLCSP100
      11 UFBGA144
      11 TFBGA240
       7 WLCSP25
       7 LQFP80
       6 TFBGA361
       6 TFBGA257
       6 LFBGA448
       6 LFBGA354
       5 WLCSP143
       5 WLCSP104
       5 LQFP128
       4 WLCSP72
       4 WLCSP180
       4 WLCSP144
       4 VFQFPN36
       4 LFBGA100
       3 VFQFPN68
       3 UFBGA129
       3 SO8N
       2 WLCSP90
       2 WLCSP66
       2 WLCSP63
       2 WLCSP18
       2 WLCSP168
       2 WLCSP156
       2 UFQFPN20
       2 TSSOP14
       2 LFBGA144
       1 EWLCSP66
       1 EWLCSP49

    which of those are already usable and what would b the package name to use?
    Which of those packages do you plan to implement?
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