Editing vertice angle in properties, not reflected in drawing and add a note not working properly

Needing to see a an angle of 20 degrees I made the following right angled triangle.  Vertex of interest on the right.  The angle is close 20 so i have added an angled guideline, 160 degree should coincide with leg of vertex.

My idea was to edit in properties, the guide line angle to 160.00 but that does no work properly seems to be an offset.

Also in properties angle is 159.xxx but when I hover the mouse over the guide line it is 113.90

Then I was going to add a note with the Version number  but I think all the options for adding a note has a 'hangup'. An option can be selected but the when ok clicked and crosshair location clicked the mouse loses contact with the crosshair.

Any suggestions? Am I the only one with the problem.
1917 x 1077 - 253K
1918 x 1066 - 220K


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    Bug Fixes 
    ·Angled guide tooltips showed wrong angle.
    ·Angled guide editor for angle in error.
    ·Noteboxes failed to show macro values.

    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
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    Working fine, I am able to set guide values with the TAB and keyboard entry of digits.

    I changed guide width 0.03" in properties and changed colours then for example save the project and open again. Default guide thickness  and colour set again.  Is that by design?  Same thing happens if I use 'undo'
    Have been looking for the possible place to set default guide values.

    Not problematic at present, more a curiosity.
  • I have experimented with a simple rectangle, 100mm x 50mm.

    Open Sketcher, select mm:
    Drawing it using TAB to set coordinates opposite corners.  I meant to use (0,0) and (100,50)
    Adding dimensions for some reason the y value "50mm" is not quite spot on?  Properties panel shows the correct values it seems.  Also the the rectangle thicknes dimension is not the expected 1.6 mm

    Have I done something wrong?

    Have added the project
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