Saving a graphics picture made as an afterthought

I was adding some pictorial information on an NMOSFET IRF 3205 in my schematic.  I decided to have a play with creating the graphics for a symbol, basically making a copy by overlaying on the picture snippet from the spec sheet.

Then decided that I might as well add that to the graphics section in the Library.

I must be doing this the wrong way?  I have not found out how to save such and 'afterthought' to the graphics section.

What procedure do I need to follow when I want to save the grouped elements inside the blue outline in the attached picture?

1148 x 707 - 135K


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    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • Thank you, I should have asked about this long ago.  It seems I got under the impression that I did not have success with saving as indicated unless I had already an 'art' file. 

    I wish I could remember what I did wrong earlier but that is not to be. 

    I have just successfully saved the NMOSFET experiment.    :)
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