New User

I am a new user of any software like this.

I could use some help with a very simple project that would provide me with information on how to do additional projects.

This is my first project that I have tried to start with. Just something to try  to become familiar with the software.

I tried to make a new part, 2-pin connector and place it in my simple design.

After doing so I cannot get the nets to show up on the PCB.

Also on the PCB I canot figure out how to get te pointer to draw traces on the PCB or change the thickness.

I know this is simple to most but any help would be appreciated, 


  • There are a lot of videos on the DEX website, covering many topics from beginner level and up.  It would give you a good start.  I took a quick look at your project, and while the diodes are OK, there is an error message showing that the U1 component has not been given any pads.  That is why the red square with X inside is shown next to that component.  You'll need to open that part for editing, and the online video about creating parts will be helpful in troubleshooting.

    I also noted that the diodes are not only placed on the PCB, but also wired together.  The large red lines are PCB traces, and that is why you don't see the nets any more - they have been routed.  If you "unroute all" (in the PCB tab) you will see thin yellow lines indicating the nets.


  • Are you new to EDA software's or also new to electronics?
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