The radial selector and zoom selection

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I have been out of action for a number of weeks, just taken a bit of time to try and catch up with changes.  Probably the radial selector the main for me.

I started exploring the element in the selector and I like the concept.  Being able to use all screen for displaying the circuit I am looking forward to test out.

I run a two screen system, the biggest screen has DEX main displays, when I change to full screen, for some reason DEX insist on changing over to the smaller screen.  Have not looked at this in details yet.

One thing I have been missing, zoom/view selection, which on a 'big drawing is very handy to get to smaller details really quick. Here I am thinking of 'schematic'  other drawing programs have this feature.  I thought it was missing in DEX but find it is not but only in the 'View/Snap' panel.  I was going to ask if that could be made available in the Radial selector Primary ring, hopefully making it available in schematic.

Looked at trying to customise so the icon was available in the top menu line in the ribbon area where all the other zooms are but had to give up as I have forgotten how to as it is long time since I tried.

Of course it is possible that I simply have over looked the option of zoom selected in schematic.



  • Fixed.
    The developer of AutoTRAX DEX. 
  • Iliya 
    I am struggling with time as a recalcitrant Linux install is giving me a real hard time. 

    Getting back to the Windows 7 running DEX.  Thanks for implementation, I have just had time to experiment a bit more with 2019.08.04.

    Notice the zoom selected is now also in the 'top' line menu as well as inside the Dial pop up. working really well. The screen jump to the other monitor when going full size no longer happens.

    There is a couple of things that my system did Trying the Dial in a 3 window presentation to go full screen on the 3D. The opening went fine but using the dial to return to normal screen left me with the 3 window empty but a click in the empty space did bring back the 3D.

    Hoping tonight a bit later to put some more time into Dex.
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