Parametric resistor and capacitor "add" and "edit functions exhibit unexpected behaviors.

edited July 2019 in Schematics
When adding a resistor from the "resistor" button on the schematic tool bar, the default SMD resistor is a 0603 size, even though 0402 is the top selection. When a resistor that has already been added is double-clicked to enter edit mode, the 0402 SMD resistor is highlighted, but is not actually selected, even if the resistor being edited is a 1210, for example. Also, the through-hole resistor is selected, even though the part is SMD. Not what I would expect from an "edit" function.
As for the "capacitor" screen, when first invoked, and SMD is selected, the 0402 part is shown highlighted, but that is not what the dimensions show. Also, when a capacitor that has been placed is double-clicked, nothing happens. No edit screen at all.
I don't think this behavior is likely to be intentional, although there may be reasons for it. I have not yet reported it as a bug, if indeed it is.
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