How can I change location of Unrouted Track Suggestion

I want to route a ground connection differently than the suggested route. I want to delete/move the unrouted track suggestion to connect two different pads. I want to make the ground connecltion between J7 and J5 ground connections as shown in green and not the suggested connection between C9 and TP Gnd
Screenshot - 7_3_2019 , 5_01_12 PM.jpg
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  • First route the net to J7 (or J5). This can be just in a straight line.
    Than unroute this track you've just made. Your net is now on one side connected to J7, from here you can route it to J5.
  • Benno:
    Thanks it worked like a charm.
  • You're welcome :)
  • A perfect example when net wires is a little awkward compared to rats nests. I think every beginner will fall into this pit because there is no intuitive way around it. But you get used to it.
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