Manually placed via not included in unrouted nest

When I manually place a via, change it's signal name, the unrouted nest does not include it as a needed connection for that signal.  If I manually route the signal from say an SMD pad to the via, the unrouted nets still shows the unrouted net coming from the SMD pad and as such the DRC indicates that the signal is unrouted.

This plays havoc with a two layer board where I'm using copper pours for ground and power planes on either top or bottom layers.  Since copper pours are not recognized as power planes other than on an internal layer, manually routing grounds from the top layer with a via to the effective ground plane on the bottom layer isn't recognized as a completed route.  This causes a bit of uncertainty with the DRC as it indicates unrouted signals when in fact they actually are.  

Are there better techniques for dealing with these issues?



  • You mean that you want or prefer to use copper pours for a power signal and not a complete inner layer? That makes perfectly sense for me. Copper pours makes it possible to use less layers and are absolutely commonly used. With todays heavy use of RF designs copper pours on all layers are also something normal.

    DEX should of course identify all situations that results in proper connection or not. I suppose we are just not there yet.

    What you need to do is to route a trace inside the copper pour area. It is an extra step but with DEX it is needed to tell DEX that the route is complete inside the copper pour.
  • A two layer board costs ~$35US vs a 4-layer around $98US.  I don't need 4-layers and don't want to have to spend over 2x just because it's easier to route.
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